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Senior infants have really being enjoying Aistear this year. Aistear is a method which facilitates children's learning through play. It is recognised that children of a young age learn best through active play and hands on activities. So far this term, Senior Infants have been doing the following activities during Aistear time:

  • Role play - school, restaurant, shop
  • Art - junk art and creating Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Construction - designing plans for and building schools and shops
  • Sorting activities - matching items according to attributes e.g. colour, size etc
  • Creative writing - writing their news in their doodle books and drawing a picture to accompany it, making signs for different types of shops
  • Maths activities - making numbers from play dough, adding games etc
  • Play dough - making numbers using play dough, making items to sell in shops from play dough
These are just some of the activities the pupils have been enjoying since the start of the new academic year and they will participate in many more fun and educational activities during Aistear time.

Please feel free to look through the photographs of the pupils hard at work (and play) during Aistear time.