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Gaeltacht Day 4, 18th May 2017


It's hard to believe we've reached the end of our week already. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather - just goes to show how unreliable the weather forecast is in Ireland! 

We spent the afternoon on the beach, with football games, swimming, building sandcastles and races. The Santry relay team were practising on the beach, we made sandcastles and solidified new friendships. 


The last picture in this lot is inside the door of the boys' house! 

Gaeltacht Day 3, 17th May 2017


We've been SO lucky with the weather. While we're in class in the mornings it's been raining, and as soon as we're heading off for the afternoon, the clouds have cleared and the sun has shone! We had a fabulous trip to the island of Aran Mór today. Took a ferry across and spent time on the beach in the glorious sunshine. 

My favourite pic so far - some of the girls wanted to share a tub of ice-cream, but the shop had no plastic spoons. So what did they do? They bought plastic spades and ate the ice-cream with them! Ingenuity at its very best! 

Gaeltacht Day 2. 16th May 2017

Classes started this morning and went very well. It was cloudy this morning but by lunchtime the clouds had cleared and the sun has been shining since. 

We had a fantastic afternoon at Dunlewy Adventure Centre, see pictures below! 

Off back to the Coláiste after dinner for the evening's entertainment. 


Gaeltacht trip, Day 1, 15th May 2017

What a day! We left KCOINS this morning at 9am and stopped in Monaghan for lunch. We weren't sure if the stop off at Glenveigh National Park would go ahead, because it was pouring rain there all morning. However once we left Monaghan the bus driver got the go-ahead to bring us to the park. It was magnificent! We were dropped by minibus up to the castle and we had a walk through the gardens. Some appreciated the beauty more than others! After that we walked back to the bus and headed to Annagry. From the college we got the bus to our houses and had dinner. Then back to the coláiste for céilí dancing and sports. All will sleep well tonight! 

What a fantastic outing we had on Friday! Rain stayed off most of the day and it was only in the last hour that we really got wet. Hope you enjoy the pictures we took. 

30th March, 2017

We were so lucky today to have a visit from Albert Sutton, a 95-year-old World War 2 veteran, who spoke to us about his life experiences and his experiences in the war. He was absolutely fascinating and everyone was amazed at his stories. He was kind enough to bring with him his vast collection of memorabilia and even allowed us to try on some of his hats! 

Some websites you may find useful for your History project:

History Homework - Monday 6th March 2017 - due on Friday 10th March

Still image for this video
Watch the video and take note of 10 important facts that are mentioned by the commentator. Write your answers in your SESE copybook.

For those of you who missed them, here are the Geography powerpoints from the last couple of weeks.

Our clay project on myths and legends, and our presentations to other classes.

During the first week back after the Christmas holidays we were lucky enough to have a trip to the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS. We're very grateful to Miss England and Miss Faulkner for organising this, we're surprised they had the energy after all the work that went into our own Science Fair before Christmas!

We headed off on the bus in the morning and we got to see the primary school end of the exhibit first. Then we went to the 3D show about the universe which was absolutely amazing! We also got to see the Robot Wars exhibit and had a visit from a Dalek as well as R2D2. A fantastic day out all round!


During this first week back, we had a lot of discussion about 'Bullying and General Meanness'. We chatted about what kind of behaviours we'd like to see  in a friend, we analysed different scenarios and in groups we decided which ones would be most upsetting or serious. It was very interesting to hear other people's opinions about the severity of different situations and it really opened up our eyes to the fact that something that you think is very minor, might just be a big deal to someone else. We chatted about social media too, because when we're in secondary school we might come across some situations that we're not happy about. We read through a handout about some issues we might want to think about either now, or in the future. Some parents asked for a copy of this, so I'm uploading it here so you can access it any time. We spent some time making 'Kindness' posters which we have displayed in the hallways and corridors. We showed these posters at assembly and asked the other kids to pay attention to the advice on our posters. 


A week later, we welcomed our student teacher, Mr. Ross, to our classroom. He taught us for 4 weeks. He had some great ideas and we did a lot of group and project work while he was here. 

In Maths we were learning about length. By a very lucky co-incidence, Mrs Darlington needed the entire school grounds measured in preparation for the School and Parish Féte, so one of the Maths groups headed out with the trundle wheels and clipboards and did a great job of applying their knowledge to a read-life situation. We also learned about Data while he was here and collected data about different people and created different types of graphs to represent the data. 

In Science we learned about sound and light. We experimented with sound travelling through different materials and made our own whistles out of plastic straws. The sound of that was piercing! 

In Geography we learned about the Rainforest.  We  studied aspects of the lives of people in the rainforest, we explored the relationship between climates and plant/animal life (animal adaptations), we discussed the effect of human activities on the rainforest. We also made diary entries of people living in the rainforest and made fact files on animals and adaptations. In History, we learned about myths and legends. We compared Irish legends with legends from other countries. 

In Art, to coincide with our History lessons, we split into groups and made a plan for a clay depiction of our own chosen myth or legend. This project spanned the entire 4-week period. We learned about the importance of having a good plan, of co-operating, of listening to everyone's ideas and of playing to everyone's strengths. After we had completed our depictions, each group went to a different class to show them their models and to tell them the story they had been working on. Everyone was delighted with their 6th class visitors that day and we got a lot of compliments from other teachers on our presentations! Pictures to follow..


We had our annual assembly with 5th class in January and we told the story of the Prodigal Son. We used an interview style to depict it and it went down really well! 


It's hard to believe we're over half way through the year already.

Wishing everyone the very best for a well-earned break next week. 

Mrs. B

Christmas already!

With the nice weather we've been having it's hard to believe Christmas is here already! 

We enjoyed preparing for our carol service. It was a lovely service and we sang Steal Away to Jesus on our own. We also lit candles for a tri-lingual rendition of 'Silent Night' which set the scene for a serene, prayerful moment towards the end of the service. 


We had a busy couple of months in the run-up to Christmas.

In Science we learned all about States of Matter and experimented with altering different matter into different states. We learned about reversible and irreversible change, We also had the school Science Fair which was a very exciting day. We were very proud that the overall Science Fair winners came from our own class - their experiment on bottle flipping was a great example of engaging with your interests to conduct scientific experiments. The judge was very impressed with the scientific method that the boys used in collecting and analysing their data. Well done Aaron, Evan and Pierce! 

And also well done to everyone who participated in the Science Fair - we're not sure if we'll ever get rid of the smell of vinegar from the hall!

Linked to the Science topic, we looked at rocks in Geography and examined weathering and erosion. We learned about the rock cycle and how rocks can change over time. 

In History, we did mini-projects on explorers and created fact files on explorers from different eras. We learned about our very own world-famous explorer, Tom Crean. 

We had a visit from the folks at Microsoft and had a very enjoyable workshop on coding

In Music we have been looking at identifying the time signatures in music. We learned how to do country line dancing and have become very good at identifying suitable songs for the dance. Not only do we have to make sure the song is in 4/4 time, we also have to make sure that the tempo isn't too fast, otherwise our feet just can't keep up! We invited our buddies into the hall to watch us and they were thought we were fab! 

In Art, we did a fantastic job of decorating our classroom. We discussed design elements, positive and negative spaces and made 3D decorations for the room. We made glittery snowflakes out of toilet roll holders; it was way messier than Mrs Brislane had anticipated :o) Our home-made Christmas tree was especially impressive! 


The PTA ran their annual Christmas Bazaar and we got to help our Junior Infant buddies with their Christmas crafts. We also got to make our own crafts for the bazaar. 


The highlight of the run-up to Christmas was, for me, our visit to our neighbouring nursing home, The Glebe. We donned our Santa hats and sang Christmas songs and carols for the residents. They were delighted with our performance, and one resident, Albert Sutton, was particularly excited to learn that his relatives, Lily and Poppy, were among the singers on the day. 


Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all back in safe and sound in January. 



Book Recommendations for 6th Class


Throughout the year, 6th class pupils will review books they are reading so that others may decide whether they'd like to read them too. Any recommendations for good books will be welcome - we'll add them to this list as we receive them. 


Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Finding Skye by Joss Stirling

Alex Ryder series by Anthony Horowitz

Kira-Kira – Cynthia Kadohata

The Apothecary Series – Maile Meloy, Ian Schoenherr

Heart of the Samurai –

One Dog and his Boy – Eva Ibbotson

Al Capone Does my Shirts – Gennifer Choldenko

All the Answers – Kate Messner

The Crossover – Kwame Alexander

George – Alex Gino

The Tortoise and the Soldier – Michael Foreman

Confessions of an Imaginary Friend – Michelle Cuevas

Odd, Weird and Little – Patrick Jennings

Buddy Time! We meet our buddies for the first time.

Our first half term in 6th class - September and October 2016


It's been such a busy couple of months since we came back to school at the end of August. We had our 6-week block of swimming lessons in Meadowbrook Pool which was great fun, hard to believe that's it for us for swimming lessons in KCOINS! 

The thing everyone was most looking forward to about 6th class was meeting their Junior Infant buddies for the first time. We did this in September and all the buddies were thrilled to meet each other. We have done lots of fun things together, including an art class where we made caterpillars based on the picture book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We also went on a minibeast hunt and built scarecrows together. 

In October, a group of 10 of us went to Christ Church Cathedral with Mrs. Brislane to represent the school at the Diocesan service for Primary Schools. Brooke  made us all very proud by doing a reading in Irish. We wrote prayers for the service, which were placed in a model of the round tower in Glendalough, to be opened some time in the future for a new generation of primary school children to read. 


Some of what we've been learning this term: 

SESE - we've been learning about friction and levers in Science. We've learned a lot about famine in both History and Geography; in History we focused on The Great Famine in Ireland in the 1800s and in Geography we looked at current famine in West Africa. 

We've been reading the novel 'Under the Hawthorn Tree' by Marita Conlon-McKenna. 

Art - we designed Maori tattoos, did some observational drawing outdoors while the weather was still warm, drew self-portraits, designed 3D portraits (inspired by Picasso) and we did some chalk pastel drawings (inspired by Munch's 'The Scream') Our latest art project was to decorate the classroom and the corridor outside our room for Hallowe'en. 

All are welcome to come and see our art displays any time! 

Reading - we have been reading up a storm in 6th class since we returned to school. We made our own Pokemon Folders in August and Mrs Brislane gives out Pokemon for every 40 pages we read. At the rate we're going, she's going to run out pretty quickly! Needless to say, Mrs. Brislane is thrilled about the enthusiasm for reading - keep an eye on our page and we'll recommend books that we think others might enjoy. 


We're looking forward to Hallowe'en Dress-up Day tomorrow and are also looking forward to a well-earned rest next week. 

Hopefully we'll all come back rested and refreshed for the second half of the term! 

Buddy Time - Minibeast Hunt