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First Class

World Down Syndrome Day

Click through the photos to see what way this experiment ended up like for science week! We are having fun making our way through our scientist's booklets, figuring out if our predictions are right! Today we predicted the mixture would explode and our tested result was: it exploded and we screamed!

We have also put some gummy bears in water trays for a couple of days and are intrigued to see what happens to them..some predictions have included

  • that the water will change colour
  • that the gummy bear will get smaller
  • that the gummy bear will get bigger
  • that the gummy bear will disappear
  • that the colour will disappear and the bear will turn see through

Harvest Adventures!

We haven't been able to go to the church for any assemblies this year so far, but it was such a treat to take a trip to see Lynn, Alistar and Brian in the church in our pods to do some harvest crafts! We got to make thankful leaves. We are thankful to them for organising this for us and keeping us safe while doing so!

We are making the most of the sun and the dry weather to get moving and out of our seats these days! While we might be a little restricted in the classroom, bringing Maths books outside to work on our 2D shapes was a fun change of scenery!

Welcome back!

A HUGE big welcome back to all the very grown up boys and girls in 1st Class this year! It was such a great morning seeing all your smiley faces come through the gates and doors. Well done on adapting so quickly and readily to all the new and different things in school this year so far - if you were this great on day 1, I think we are in for a treat of a year! Sleep well tonight after your extra hour in school today! See you tomorrow :)