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First Class Archive: 2017-2018

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day was held today 18th April, 2018. And what an amazing day it was. We started the day with a brilliant, interactive, fun and very educating assembly given by one of our guest grandparents, Valerie Morton.

Then when we went back to the classroom lots of the grandparents came in to say hi. Some even stayed and taught us things and we had so much fun learning from their vast knowledge and life experience.

Firstly we were treated to a lesson in French knitting by Mary White, Isla's grandmother. She also brought in her 100 year old Peter Rabbit board game. We all loved that seeing as we are all huge fans of Peter Rabbit after most of us saw the movie over the Easter holidays, Mrs Hickey included.

Jerry Ring, Hannah Spurgeon's grandfather then treated us to a taste of his very successful career playing rugby for Leinster. He was delighted to see the Leinster rugby flag has pride of place in our classroom over Mrs Hickey's desk. He showed us the cap he received when he made his debut cap for Leinster. We even got to try it on which was a real treat. He also showed us his collection of rugby medals as well as telling us about his own father's successful sporting career and showing us his Dad's medals for both rugby and GAA.

Alex Grindle's grandparents, Ann Langley and Oran Ryan also popped in to say hi as well as Loic and Eileen le Lay, Jaydan's grandparents.

We also had a very interesting talk from Granny Liz, Jamie O' Farrell's grandmother and she brought in her collection of old coins and showed them to the kids and talked to us all about how money was quite different when she was a little girl.

Sophia's grandparents were visiting from Belfast and they also popped in to say hi as well as Lucy's gran. Then Freddie's gran arrived to say hi and very kindly brought some treats for all the boys and girls in first class which they were very excited about and they really enjoyed the lollipops and sweets. Emma's gran also paid us a visit.

We are also super lucky that we have two members of staff who are grandparents in our school. Sandra, Brooke's gran came in to talk about how both school and clothes were very different when she was a little girl. We got the chance to ask her lots of questions and learned a lot from her.  Ellie's gran, our lovely secretary, Lorraine then came in to show us some of the ball games she played as a little girl. Some of the boys and girls also had a go at these games and we all enjoyed them so much that we voted that Lorraine should set the games up as an extra-curricular activity!!

All in all, we had such a fantastic day and it was such a privilege to welcome such a lovely, kind and very clever group of grandparents in to first class. We all learned so much from you. You are welcome back any time. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and life experiences with us.

A visit from Tom's dog, Rockie

Today we had a very special visitor to our class. He had 4 legs and instantly won the hearts of everyone in 1st class. Thanks for popping in to say hi Rockie.

Pancake Tuesday

Thanks to the PTA we all enjoyed some delicious pancakes with all sorts of yummy toppings. They were definitely a hit with 1st class.

Christmas Crafts

The boys and girls in 1st class were well and truly getting in the Christmas spirit today as they all really enjoyed doing the PTA Christmas crafts for our upcoming Christmas fair. The kids made Rudolph candy canes and Christmas crackers. Check out these photos of the kids busy at work. Thanks again to the PTA. We all really enjoyed it.

Science Fair

Lots of the boys and girls in first class took part in the school science fair. They did some amazing research and experiments. Well done to all of you. You were all amazing mini scientists.

Halloween Fancy Dress Day

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We all had a great summer and are very much looking forward to a fun year of learning ahead. There are 32 very clever kids in 1st class who can't wait to learn lots of new things. We will keep you updated with all our learning and fun activities throughout the year so check out our webpage to see what we are getting up to in 1st class.


Halloween is coming up very soon and the excitement is building. We are very much looking forward to our annual Halloween dress up day. Some of the kids are super organised and have their Halloween costumes chosen already.  Check back in a few weeks to have a look at all the wonderful costumes.

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