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We are now working on the 7th flag Global Citizenship and Energy. This has a focus on our energy use in the school and a focus on global energy consumption and global warming. Our 2019 committee of Ruby, Myles, Sebastian, Tara and Amelia from 6th, Laurent and Imogen from 5th, Pia and Josh from 4th and Jaime and Eduardo from 3rd, with staff Ms MacMahon, Fiona Kelly and Helen Fisher  are working hard. As well as our new flag we have been working on maintaining our existing ones. This term we are really trying hard with our recycling and green bins and we are restoring the pond area and the school garden.
Green Schools at Kilternan has been going from strength to strength. We have recently been awarded our sixth flag, Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste. This flag build on the achievement of the previous five which we are maintaining, with an added Global Awareness dimension. It was a very timely flag to work on as Kilternan like Ireland in general, welcomes children from all over the world, and as we all are becoming more aware that there is no 'away', only one planet to manage all our waste. Our current committee is led by Ms Huston and Ms Mac Mahon
The Green Schools Programme is an international environmental
programme designed to teach good habits to children and
parents about the environment. It is a partnership between
An Taisce, the local authority (in our case Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown
Co. Council) and the school.

Our current Green Schools motto is:

One planet, one human race, it's our job to care for this place

The driving force of this project is the Green School Committee comprising of pupils elected by their peers, led by Ms Leigh Morton and Ms Arlyne Kilpatrick., and more recently by Ms Huston and Ms MacMahon We have children from 3rd - 6th Class on our Green School Committee each year. However, the whole school community is involved in making sure we are a MEAN GREEN TEAM in Kilternan.
In 2004 we were awarded our first Green Flag for our efforts in reducing

the amount of rubbish going from the school to the landfill. 
We try to work on a new new flag every two years and in 2006 we were awarded our second flag for our  efforts to reduce energy usage and wastage within the school. 
May 2009 saw our third flag award  for water awareness and conservation.
Our fourth and fifth flags for Travel and for Biodiversity have also been earned by the school. We have recently got some of our old flags replaced by parishioner Mr Norman Campion and got them all flying again in the middle term.