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Handwriting Winners

November's house competition focused on handwriting. The winners from each class are as follows:

Junior Infants: Eva Mc, Daniel F & Zach W

Senior Infants: Hugo F, Sam R & Christian R

First Class: Harry G, Benjamin F & Curtis M

Second Class: Peter W, Diarmuid N & Lara O'C

Third Class: Julie O's, Hugh O'R & Phoebe F

Fourth Class: Laura C, Zara O'S &

Fifth Class: Megan R, Jolie T & Caitlin G

Sixth Class: Leah O'R, Kate M & Elena Mc

Picture 1 Pupils of the Month October 2012
Picture 2 Junior Infant Winners
Picture 3 Senior Infant Winners
Picture 4 First Class Winners
Picture 5 Second Class Winners
Picture 6 Third Class Winners
Picture 7 Fourth Class Winners
Picture 8 Fifth Class Winners
Picture 9 Sixth Class Winners