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Junior Infants are such a super class. We had a visitor last week, she came all the way from New Zealand. Rose thought that we were all fantastic! She couldn't believe how clever all the children were. She joined us for playtime and some of the children made a tower that was even taller than her! It was amazing! We have all made so many new friends. We make sure we are kind and caring all the time. We mind each other at play time and make sure that the all the children have someone to play with! Mrs Darlington thinks we are geniuses. She pops in to say hello sometimes and is so impressed to hear us say "Tar isteach" when she knocks on the door. We are making Junk Art this week! We are also designing a playground, we get to build it ourselves. We love Aistear time so much! We couldn't believe the rain today! We heard the pitter patter rain drops on the windows. We are very good at listening to new sounds! We composed a little song about the splashing rain! Miss Morton thinks she is the luckiest teacher in the world to have such a wonderful group of children in her class this year! Piaget is so happy too, he thinks he may start going for playdates in some of the children's houses very soon!

Love Junior Infants