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We emailed the DLR Sports Partnership to see what challenges and links they could provide for us at home and with our families. The documents are above and an explanation of their initiatives are below. Thank you to DLR for this information! Have fun everybody laugh.


We in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership know that this is a very uncertain and daunting time for everyone. But we also know that being active and having fun with your family is so important for our physical and mental health especially at the moment. So we've put together four different activity Challenges to suit all ages and abilities. They're easy to get involved in, a great way to keep motivated and best of all you can do them around the home with your family.  


All Challenges will run for the next 4 weeks and we'd really love to hear how you progress through them by sharing on social media using #BeActive and emailing us at Of course please make sure to follow all Department of Health guidelines with regards to Covid-19 and maintain Social Distancing



Please see our website to view more details on all the Challenges and on the other work we do.


1 -The Grandparents 15 Minute Challenge 

Who - for children and their grandparents

What - a fun challenge to encourage children to make regular phone contact with their grandparents and engage in activities with them (physical, social and mental).

How - just print off the attached flyer/chart, fill it in as you go and email back to use when you're finished.


2 -Move to the Rhythm Dance Challenge  

Who - for children and teenagers

What - visit our new You Tube Channel to catch our dance tutor Cayisha demonstrate part of a new professionally choreographed routine each day from Monday to Thursday. Then join her again on Friday to go through the entire dance. 

How - just watch and learn the routine each day, practice at home, record yourself (and your family) bringing the entire dance together on Friday and email us a clip.


3 -The Fighting Fit Challenge 

Who - for teenagers and adults

What - fancy a tough but achievable fitness challenge? Have you ever played Call Of Duty and thought you could hold our own, but could you pass the fitness test to really join in? Here's our chance. We will post a fitness program each week that if you follow will culminate in you matching yourself against the Irish Army fitness test to see if you would make the grade.

How - just follow the weekly exercise programs, get into a healthy routine and try the fitness test at home after 4 weeks. 


4 -The Scrambled Leg Challenge 

Who - for families and all ages

What - we've gotten out the measuring tape and have picked a few well known Irish landmarks that you an your family can pick to add up the kilometers from your daily walks to reach your chosen destination. This is a great one to also build in elements of geography, history and maths for the budding home schoolers among us. 

How - just print off the attached flyer/chart, fill it in as you go and email back to use when you're finished.


We hope these Challenges will help to build in the important daily activity and fun we all need, but if  you have any queries or suggestions for other initiatives we'd love to hear from you.


The Dún Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership Team

 Fostering Active Communities

Glen from Daly exercise came to visit us in March. He did a workshop with every class for half an hour. He taught us each 4 or 5 key exercises and we did circuits of them. We got our heart rates up very high and we were all very sweaty afterwards! Glen is a Dublin based sports figure who is very excited to be working in conjunction with schools and we are delighted he came to us!

Stephanie Roche

Stephanie Roche  1
We were honoured to welcome Stephanie Roche into our classrooms and school yard today to play some football with us, give us some tips and tricks, answer questions and give advice. She is associated with the same football club as one of our SNAs and gave us something very exciting to look forward to when she said YES to coming to see us. Thank you Stephanie for being so patient and kind with us, we had so much fun with you.

Cycle Safety

Cycle Safety 1
Cycle Safety 2
Cycle Safety 3
Cycle Safety 4
Cycle Safety 5
Cycle Safety 6
Cycle Safety 7
Cycle Safety 8
Cycle Safety 9
Cycle Safety 10
Cycle Safety 11
Cycle Safety 12
We are delighted to see our 5th class partaking in their annual cycle safety training as part of the SPHE curriculum. No better way to learn than by experiencing it in real life.

The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile 1
The Daily Mile 2
The Daily Mile 3
The Daily Mile 4
A huge thank you to our visitors from The Daily Mile to explain to us the benefits of it and how it works. We loved having you in with us, and we especially loved running with you! The Daily Mile is coming to KCOINS for this space!

Santry 2019

Santry 2019 1
Santry 2019 2
Santry 2019 3
Santry 2019 4
Santry 2019 5
Santry 2019 6
Santry 2019 7
Santry 2019 8
Santry 2019 9
Santry 2019 10
Santry 2019 11
Santry 2019 12
Santry 2019 13
Santry 2019 14
What a fantastic day we had at Santry Sports. The atmosphere was incredible. Some of us may need to learn a bit of sign language from all our screaming and cheering! A huge congratulations to all of our participants from KCOINS and to those who placed in their categories. We are so proud of each and every one of you! Until next year, keep running!
As the trials and practices begin for Santry 2019, we are having a flashback moment to 2018! Can't wait for another great day out.