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Junior Infants

Junior Infants are such a busy class. They work so hard and even fit in great play time! Last week we were floating and sinking at the water table! It was like Antarctica, we filled it with ice and built a magical land. There were orcas, seals and penguins in the Antarctic too! The water is magical and full of glitter! We love playing with the blocks in our classroom. We have to remember to wear our hard hats just like the builders do on a constuction site! We made some great plans on paper and constructed our own igloos! It was very interesting! We love playing in the Antarctic role play corner too, some of the animals got sick and we had to bring them to the vets on our snow mobiles! Would you believe that it really snowed in the classroom? We made white chocolate krispie igloos! They were so tasty! And we had to write lists for Tom Crean! That was very cool! Ms Masterson, Ms Cave and Mr Gavin love coming to play during Aistear time. We have taught them so much about sharing and tidying up quickly. They think we are the best Junior Infants in the whole country! 

Did you see our wonderful Kandinsky paintings outside our classroom? We drew lots of circles and painted them our favourite colours. It was very important to concentrate and make sure we got rid of all the white spaces! Miss Morton says we are just like the famous artists, except even better! We learned all about the Antarctic, Mrs Darlington came to see our fantastic writing! She thinks we are so clever!

We have been doing some very tricky work this week; Miss Morton can't believe how clever we all are. She taught us how to blend lots of sounds together and we are already able to read loads of words! She told us the fantastic news that soon we will be getting reading books for homework! We are all so excited, we shouted HOORAY in class when she told us! We might ask some of the other teachers to come to listen to us reading in the mornings too! We have our own special word bags, word books and sound books! We are so grown up!

We hope to have a special visitor in next week to teach us all about Australia! Miss Morton promises to let you all know how it went! Can you believe Miss Morton is meeting all our mums and dads very soon to tell them how wonderful we all are? Wow, Junior Infants is very busy but boy is it fun! We will update you all again soon!

Love Junior Infants