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Physical Activity in KCOINS

Active Sitting Pilot Programme

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We are taking part in the Active Schools Active Sitting Pilot Programme. 1st Class are the first class to test them out. Today we went down to the hall to collect our yoga balls and had a big bounce on them to express some of our excitement! We still have our chairs stacked in the classroom and are able to sit on those whenever we like - we have a choice. We made a class contract all about how to keep safe on the balls and how to take care of them so we can use them for a really long time! Today was very exciting and we got off to a great start by doing some English and Art while bounce-sitting! We were also provided with frisbees as stoppers so they don't roll away when we are not sitting on them. We can't wait to see what benefits 1st Class see from this programme.

Decreasing Sedentary time in KCOINS


Yesterday, our active committee met to decide on the winning ideas of our competition run over lockdown 'IDEAS TO DECREASE SEDENTARY TIME IN THE CLASSROOM'.


They had great fun and narrowed it down to 7 final ideas which each class will work from each week/month:


  1. Drop Everything And Dance at least once per week 
  2. 1 outdoor lesson each week
  3. Walk the Active Walkway at least once per week
  4. Standing by choice when listening or completing writing work with your chair on the table for ledge height
  5. Squat/Starjump challenge - 10 per day or 150 per month
  6. Keep up the active break everyday challenge
  7. Attempt a circuit workout once per month


We are looking forward to seeing everybody trying out their committments  after the Easter holidays! Happy Easter everyone and thank you Active team for relaying this information to your classes.


St Patrick’s Day

Socially distanced parades might just be our new thing! We couldn't do our usual whole school céilí, but we HAD to do something! Just like at Hallowe'en, each class bubble stood in their own space and clapped and cheered while each class had a chance to walk around the middle of the square (or hop or jump or skip or dance!) and show off their St Patrick's Day outfits. We changed it a little bit this time and did 2 separate parades as per our teacher/student class pods to ensure we were extra safe as a whole school, but it is lovely to be able to see some pictures of the other parade.


Happy St Patrick's Day!

60 mins per day Challenge


Congratulations to all the students who completed the above challenge. We know for some this is easy and for others it is a tricky task - we love that everyone gave it such a great go...even some of the younger classes during lockdown school closures. Did you find making a schedule or plan helped? We think our favourite activity was seeing everyone cycle with their families - how fun!

Senior Active Walkway Launch

We are SO happy 3rd - 6th Class are back in the school building with us! They got to discover the new active walkway this week too - their launch was a little trickier, with riddles trying to catch them out along the way, and 6th class even had to translate the answers into Gaeilge!! We had so much fun finding all the plaques and conquering the challenges set! What a great resource.

The Junior end of the school had great fun with the launch of our walkway this week! They got to explore where all the new plaques were by following a code trail! They received a pair of letters to start off with, had to run to the plaques to find the one with those corresponding letters and use the crayon stuck at that plaque to colour in the box on their sheet, they then moved to the next pair of letters on their list and so the next plaque! We will have a challenge for the Senior end when we welcome them back to school next Monday so they can explore the Active Walkway!


Our Active Walkway!

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Wow!!! Thank you so much to Ed for putting our Active Walkway up last week. What a lovely surprise for Junior, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Class to come back to this week. 3rd - 6th Class, we can't wait for you to see it when you hopefully get back to school on the 15th too! We haven't put all of the walkway plaques in this video because we want to leave some of them a surprise for you to find yourselves! Here is a clue though, they follow the Daily Mile routes! Very exciting!

Extended Classroom Activity Breaks

While we know your teachers are great at trying to get you a spare slot in the hall, or doing some yoga with the tables pushed back, we think that Go Noodle might be the winner when it comes to wet breaks! Usually it has something for everybody because it combines lots of the different songs and activities into an extra long Go Noodle video for the days we can't get outside. We also know you love these for indoor breaks because it gives you LOADS of points on your Go Noodle champ to get him/her to level up quicker!!!! Do you have a favourite Go Noodle active break video?


If you have other wet break activity ideas, let the active team know so we can keep sharing them with each other!




Well done to 5th Class who came 1st place in out first ever Reindeer Race at KCOINS! It was a close call all the way up to the last lap and they certainly worked hard for it! 6th Class were runners up coming in 2nd place, with 2nd Class coming in 3rd place. Well done to everybody for running your hooves off and training up the reindeer for Santa on Christmas night! Thank you also to the Active Team for organising a fun week's event.

Results Day 4

Oh my goodness! The leaderboard has changed again and 5th Class are coming in fast too!! The last day will make or break it for a few classes! Good luck tomorrow everybody.










Results Day 3

Day 3 results are in and a change of pace as the competitiveness is ramped up! Still 2 more days where anything could happen! 









Results Day 2

After day 2, 2nd class are in the lead! Senior Infants are on a double run tomorrow, so they are not as far behind as they might look, watch out for them! Order goes fro JI at the top to 6th at the bottom!









check back tomorrow for day 3 results !

Results Day 1

Day 1 of the Reindeer Race

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Our Reindeer Race started today! 10 minutes every day to do as many laps as possible and win the reindeer race this week! The Daily Mile has turned Christmassy for this week :)

Science Week in KCOINS!

You may have been able to spot rockets test flying and boats/rafts test sailing for the Billy Goat’s Gruff last week during Science week – these were just a tiny fraction of the experiments and excitement that could be heard and seen around the school! Some classes also had tasty treats and got active in different ways to monitor their heart rates!

Active Break Everyday Challenge - 3rd

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Check out 3rd Class’ moves and 5th Class' ball skills as part of their Active Break Everyday Challenge! 5th Class are hitting 2 birds with one stone as they are practicing some catching to work on our FMS of the moment too. Well done 5th! We are almost 2 weeks into our challenge and every one is doing brilliantly. Ask some of our students what type of active breaks they have been doing and see how many different types of answers you hear between 2nd - 27th November.

Well done to all the classes for taking part in the Active break every day challenge! You charts are off the wall! :)

Halloween Parade 2020

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Thank you to our teachers for putting their heads together to surprise us with our annual Halloween parade! We didn’t think we could have one because we can’t all be in the hall together as usual, but a sunny day and special areas for each class bubble meant we had a great afternoon, finished off with a big Halloween dance in our class bubbles in the yard! Today was the best day! 🎃🧙🏼🦹🏾‍♂️🤡👻

Yard Time!

Who knows what you might find us doing in the yard at break and lunch time these days! We are sharing the playground on a week-to-week basis, so it can be quarantined over the weekend before another class gets to use it. 5th Class have been getting really great at skipping - running in and out of the long rope without it having to stop! 5th and 6th Class are also so happy to have their footballs and have been using the football section of the yard to it's full potential - nearly the whole class was joining in yesterday! Lots of classes have been busy writing messages and doing drawings with chalk, while the infants are busy being explorers in the bushes in their section of the yard! The hula hoops have been a great hit this year too - some people have mastered the skill of running around with it swinging around their ankle, while lots of the classes have been playing the jumping rock paper scissors with them. One bean bag did get stuck on the gutter near the school roof...but it was rescued with a VERY long pole from one of the classrooms! Can you spot any other toys and equipment we have been playing with in our pictures?!



The handball tournament will be starting in March. The match times, teams and all other information is on the noticeboard between Mrs O' Kane's room and 4th class.

Good luck to everybody playing.

We are thoroughly enjoying how well the Daily Mile is going. Everybody is up and active everyday at 11:40 for 10 minutes to get a movement break and to improve their fitness. Well done!

We must be the luckiest children in the whole of Ireland! Thank you to the PTA for helping us get to our target for our brand new playground. Our break times just got even more exciting. From swinging on monkey bars, to spinning on the roundabout, twirling in the egg cup, rolling down the hill, sliding down the slide, crossing the balance obstacle course, making games and play in the Wendy house, our options are endless. What a fantastic addition to our school yard, and a great way to keep us active in lots of different ways! Take a look at some of us having fun in it from the pictures above.

NEWS FLASH: Active Mornings


New for 2019-2020! We know you love active mornings during our annual active schools week each June, so, we have news! No more waiting for the summer time to play outside with your friends coming into school, at KCOINS we are having active mornings every Friday morning (weather permitting) starting immediately. From 8:30-8:50 each Friday you are welcome to enter the school through the side gate, rather than the front door, and leave your school bag at the wall. You may play in any part of the yard that you would like to until the bell rings, when your teacher will bring you into the classroom. 

Cycle Safety

We are delighted to see our 5th class partaking in their annual cycle safety training as part of the SPHE curriculum. No better way to learn than by experiencing it in real life.

Active Maths

Take a look at some of our students from the senior end of the school practicing their Maths skills outdoors!
We love it when bigger classes join forces with smaller classes to help them with their learning. Everybody's skills were tested when some of the junior end of our school headed on an SESE exploration today! 
Thank you so much to the Student Council for organising the best treat for us  - an Easter egg hunt! The infants had to go hunting for their eggs, while the older classes had to follow clues and use their maps to navigate their way around and find the treats. What a yummy way to end the school term.