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Physical Education (P.E.) in KCOINS



It is March, which means we are onto focusing on our third FMS of the year! You did so well practicing your balancing skills over lockdown, that hopping will require some of those balancing skills as well as some new ones! We know 4th Class have been completing some FMS challenges with Mrs Hickey and Mrs Cawley on SeeSaw and are looking forward to seeing your amazing balancing when you come back to school too. 

Have fun hopping around everyone....if you see the Easter Bunny hopping into school over April time maybe ask him for some tips too!


The Active Team :) 

P.E. Audit and Good News!

We have some exciting news for this year! We are teaming up with YM Hockey Club, where a number of our students are members of, to apply and hopefully avail of a grant for which we can replenish some items and possibly add some new resources to our P.E. equipment. We know that it has been more of a struggle this year to spread the use of equipment as sharing is less of an option, so we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to be successful. 

Miss Sarratt, Miss Butler and Ms MacMahon completed our annual P.E. equipment audit before schools closed in November, so we have a starting point and have put our thinking caps on as to what else might be useful. Watch this  space...we will keep you posted!

Our PE Store room

Here is a sneak peek inside our P.E. store room - all equipment is kept in it's own box, or if it is too big for a box we have other storage capacities! Each box is labelled, and each box also has a 'parking space' in the store room. We check this every year and also have an ongoing report system if something is broken or missing. This year we had to add extra labels onto the boxes and containers, beacuse of Covid. Now, when a class is finished using something,  the date it can be used again is written onto the laminated label in a whiteboard marker so that 72 hours will have passed before the next teacher can take it for a P.E. lesson. 


Our School Yard

Above is our updated yard layout. This year we have staggered breaks. JI, 1st, 3rd and 5th are outside at the same time and then SI, 2nd, 4th and 6th are out at the same time for breaks and lunches. This ensures no class bubbles cross over in the yard or upon entry/exit of the yard as required in schools this year. Each class level has a turn in the playground for a full week. While they are in there, the other classes may use their yard zone to play in for the week. Ordinarily there would be a lot more freedom of choice about yard zones and use of the playground, but this year we need to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible from Covid 19. 



We know it is so important for children to get 60 minutes of exercise in each day, and that the national curriculum requires each class level to receive 60 minutes of P.E. each week. While in KCOINS we try to incorporate as much activity as possible into each day, typically our official P.E. lessons are fitted into our timetables as so; in the junior end of the school two lessons of 30 minutes each would be on each class timetable, while 1 hour long lesson per week is usually the format for the senior classes. A copy of these timetables is collected and checked by Mrs Darlington at the beginning of each school year. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have started our FMS work this year! The first skill we are practicing and perfecting is catching. Here are some of our students working in their mini pods in pairs to catch the ball after one bounce post drop! It can be trickier than it looks! We got this game from the Move Well Move Often book and are excited to play some more games from it.


To help us practice our skills and make this as handy as possible for our teachers, all teachers, SET teachers and SNAs were given our new KCOINS FMS booklet. It outlines our plan for this and the next few years over which we will cover all FMS to improve on and a selection of games and activities from the PDST handbook to readily choose from. Of course, we have the 3 original handbooks in school too which we can get more game ideas and tips from. 

The FMS Book

Still image for this video

Outdoor PE

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With our school hall out of action at the moment due to the change around in school rooms for Covid, we have been so happy to have decent weather for our PE lessons for the most part! We are well used to going out in the drizzles of rain  and are ready to wrap up for winter too. It is fun being outside for PE, look how much space we have!

PAWS - Water Safety

1st Class are delighted that Splash the Bear and River the Otter have sent them their PAWS certificates for completing their water safety programme this year. If you look closely in school you might be able to spy some of the water safety posters they designed to help Splash and River out!

Well done 1st Class!

New for 2021 - Active Homework!


Get excited everyone! As part of our active schools initiative, your teachers will be setting you active homework one day per week starting in October, when we will be starting our homework for the year. 

Take a look at these resources Miss Plunkett got from the PDST at a webinar she attended, where you might see some of the activities appearing in your homework diary over the next few months! 

Special thanks also to the 4th Class members of our Active Schools Committee who turned up to the last committee meeting with a whole list of activities they think would be brilliant for active homework! Miss Plunkett has photocopied your list and distributed it to all teachers. you are brilliant!


Note - active homework is submitted to class teachers via SeeSaw.

Our videos are tricky to upload from SeeSaw, but we wanted to feature some brilliant active homework submissions for everyone to see. Here are the pictures of some of the amazing practicing we see going on at home. Well done everyone.

A Strand for Development - Gymnastics in KCOINS

Your teachers have had a staff meeting today which included chatting all about Gymnastics in P.E.! They felt it was VERY important that Coivd not stop you from learning some more gymnastics this year even though we cannot use our mats (in storage) and school hall (out of bounds). Miss Thorpe had the great idea of using the yoga mats which can be kept in classrooms and isolated for the required amount of time before being easily moved to another room. The teachers also tested out some games incorporating social distancing (which you will see in assembly on Monday - they made a video to show on zoom) and gymnastics skills. We even thought about bringing the benches outside for P.E. lessons because that's not too tricky. When lots of brains come together it makes some things seem much more achievable. We are also thankful to G. Dawson who can give us help, advice or tips and training if we need to deliver gymnastics in the best way possible to you all this year. Minutes of the above meeting were taken and circulated amongst staff.

Covid_19: P.E. at home and a challenge!

Hello everybody. We hope you are all keeping safe and well at home. We miss you lots, and we definitely miss doing P.E. with you. We have put some recommendations together for ways to stay healthy and active and to continue doing your P.E. lessons at home, until we can get back to school together!


  • The Body Coach, Joe Wicks is doing P.E. lessons on his YouTube channel at 9am Monday to Friday. 
  • RTE JR have their 10 @10 exercises online - this is 10 minutes of exercise at 10am each morning, and they have it as Gaeilge too, for those of you who are keen to keep up your scileanna Ghaeilge! 
  • Go Noodle is a popular one, why don't you sign up for a FREE account and see how many points you can get for your character? Then see how many characters you can complete!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is another YouTube channel proving very popular. It is good for your mindfulness as well as stretching your muscles.


The links for all of these websites are below. We have also attached some documents, which might be useful to you. They are suggestions of activities you can do to stay active at home, or take a movement break. 


You will also see below a CHALLENGE!!! Did you know it is recommended that children get 60 minutes of physical activity each day? Why not download our 60 MINUTES A DAY challenge sheet and see if you can complete it this week and fill it in. If you complete this, bring the sheet into Miss Plunkett when we get back to school.



60 minutes a day challenge


Check out some of our students participating in their P.E. classes! They are multiskilled! Every student at KCOINS receives lessons in the strands Dance, Games, Gymnastics, Outdoor and Adventure and Athletics each year. 1st class to 6th class each complete a block of swimming lessons in our local leisure centre, Meadowbrook, every year too! The teachers ensure a balanced amount of time is spent on each strand each year through their long term plans. These can be accessed anytime on our staff Microsoft 365 sharepoint section by any staff member. Mrs Darlington also has all the plans gathered and checked on a regular basis, as per our PE Policy. The teachers always use the PSSI lesson plans as a reference point and basis on which they make their long term plans and execute weekly lessons. While we enncourage all staff members to incorporate their individual skills and creativity, these are a solid foundation that we stand on as a school when planning for physical education.

Can you pick your favourite strand?!



Click on the link above that will take you directly to our school P.E. policy.

This policy includes reference to the planning, preparation and guidelines for which we as a staff refer to and undertake to ensure lessons are accessible by all pupils, including those with additional needs.