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Playworks Rota - April - May 2017

Playworks Rota March - April 2017

We are very excited to be introducing this new programme in school for lunch breaks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children will be able to participate in a formal game if they wish. Games will be introduced in assembly on Mondays and will be facilitated at break times by student volunteers (facilitators). Notice of the current game will be displayed in the foyer. A new game will be introduced every few weeks to ensure the children have a wide variety of games in their repertoire. Participation is completely optional and children may dip in and out of games as they wish. 

An up-to-date facilitator rota will be published on the school website, in the Playworks section. The aim of the programme is to give the children more options for occupation at breaktime. It includes built-in conflict resolution techniques and our vision is that the children will bring these techniques to their own personal play. It is also a fun forum for children to learn to interact successfully with children of different ages. 


Update - May 2016

We are really delighted with how the Playworks programme is going. Some games have proven more popular than others, and we have taken on board feedback received from our facilitators and changed games accordingly. We would like to mention how amazing our facilitators have been - they have given up their own play times in order to make Playworks the success it is. Thank you all very much! 


Playworks Rota - January - February 2017

Playworks Rota - November - December '16

Playworks Rota - September + October 2016