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Senior Infants

Kilternan's Got Talent!

Wowee! We are so proud of all our Senior Infant friends who entered our school talent show Kilternan’s Got Talent today! They were so brave to get up on stage in front of all the boys and girls, the staff AND 2 professional judges! We thought they were amazing. Congratulations to the Irish dancing trio who won the junior section of the talent show and to Sean for getting a highly commended prize. Well done everybody!

Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!

Today (21st March 2019) was World Downs Syndrome day. We celebrated it and the people we love with Downs Syndrome by wearing odd socks all day long and having a dance party in the hall!

Pancake Tuesday - Yum yum!

Thank you SO much to the PTA for giving us yummy pancakes for pancake Tuesday. We were so excited!

We have also been learning how to make pancakes as Ghaeilge.

Today Miss Plunkett bumped her head and she wasn’t able to speak English anymore – only Irish, and she forgot how to make pancakes! Good thing we had been practicing as Gheailge so we were able to direct her and have some extra yumminess  in our tummies in the classroom!

Is aoibheann linn pancóga!

Snow in Spring!


The seasons are all mixed up! We found snow in the playground today, so we decided to collect some and make a mini snowman for our classroom! While we were thinking of songs to sing while building our snowman, Noah had a moment of genius!

We named our snowman THE GREATEST SNOWMAN!


Then we made our own song to go with him – take a look below!


“So tell me, do you want some snow?

It’s coming down from clouds on high,

It’s freezing way up in the sky!

Impossible came true – Winter in the Spring groove.

This is the greatest snow!”


The Greatest Snowman

Still image for this video

Space Heroes to the Rescue!

Last week in KCOINS, it was a close one! Miss Plunkett was busy reading us the story Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob), thinking about how silly Bob was that he did not notice all of the aliens on the moon and in his house...when we realised......





We needed to make sure all of our friends and teachers were safe. Just like The Incredibles, we whipped on our space hero capes and space hero masks (which we had very convieniantly prepared earlier!) and ran to check!


BOOM! Straight into Junior Infants. There were aliens under their tables, in their hair, on their necks - everywhere! We began our chant: Aliens! Aliens! OUT! OUT! OUT! and once they were all extinguished, we moved along. 

1st class were not in their classroom but we needed to make sure there were none hiding waiting for them to come back. Again we snatched them all away shouting Aliens! Aliens! OUT! OUT! OUT! and they were gone!

Miss Hill and Ms MacMahon's rooms were not safe either. In their drawers, on their whiteboards, on the window sills, there were aliens EVERYWHERE in their rooms - they are so lucky we cleared them off.

Mrs Riordan was about to walk past, when BAM! More aliens spotted - on her nose!


It was tiring work, so we needed to go back and get our lunch, but our day was not done. The playground was sure to have aliens hiding in the bushes and in the bins. So, being the amazing space heroes that we are, we wore our capes and masks out to the yard to protect all our friends and banish the aliens from the playground.


What a day! We got rid of all the aliens and everybody in KCOINS is safe from those pesky invaders!

Story time with Mrs Brislane

Mrs Brislane made a very special visit to Senior Infants this week, having heard that we were talking about fairy tales. Mrs Brislane went home and dug out her special fairy tale books from America that she used to read to her children. We did really good listening while Mrs Brislane read the story of The Paper Bag Princess to us. It was not a normal fairy tale and had a different sort of ending! Mrs Brislane left us 4 more books to read with Miss Plunkett and we bet they will be as fantastic as the first! Thank you for a very special visit Mrs Brislane!

Christmas Pantomime

Today was such an exciting day. We went on a Christmas school trip to the theatre! We got ready by singing lots of songs in the classroom, putting on our new Christmas badges and partnering up, before marching out to the bus chanting:

“Ho ho Here we go!”

We were VERY excited!

The bus driver brought us to the Mill Theatre in Dundrum where we got to see the performance of Beauty and the Beast. It was very funny and a little bit scary. We had to do lots of shouting and singing, and the best bit was when they chased the beast around the theatre and we got squirted with their water guns!

We marched our way back through Dundrum Shopping centre and looked very cute too!

It was such a brilliant day, and now we are looking forward to our Carol Service on Friday. We love Christmas!

We have been very busy learning all about our senses in Senior Infants. Last week, we had to use our sense of smell to do a very important job. Lots of people like to buy perfume for Christmas to give as presents to people. The shops had such a shortage, we thought we had better step in to help. We had to use our noses to sniff and decipher what each of the ingredients could be – and match them up with their labels. Once that was done, we got to work! We created and mixed many different combinations of ingredients to figure out which ones blended together well to make nice scents, and which were not so nice! We recorded our mixtures for future productions on professional perfume labels and have chosen the best ones to be sent off to the factories for mass production. A job very well done by the Senior Infant scientists, if we do say so ourselves!

Mr. Magic 'e'

Mr Magic ‘e’ has been up to no good in Senior Infants this week! We learnt what a trickster he is, when he sneaks up to words minding their own business, and sits on the end of them. He doesn’t say anything, but he casts a spell ~


‘Abrakadabra, Abrakadame! I’m going to make you say your name!’


He makes the closest vowel behind him say its name and not its sound anymore! Everybody in Senior Infants was very cross at Mr. Magic ‘e’, until they all turned into magic ‘e’ wizards and casted spells on all the words lying around their classroom!


We had great fun learning all about Mr. Magic ‘e’, and currently have the magic ‘e’ song from YouTube on repeat, upon request!

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween dress up day and parade was a lot of fun! Some of us won prizes in the PTA raffle and the teachers were dressed up as dominoes. Mrs Darlington was the captain domino and came in as a Dominoes pizza box!! She pushed the line of dominoes over and they went tumbling down! We learnt lots of Halloween songs with Miss Plunkett and scared some of the teachers that came into our room. Thank you to all of our mummys and daddys for helping us get our costumes organised and made.


Wishing you all a very safe Halloween, and a fun and restful midterm.

We have been very busy in Senior Infants, learning lots about Autumn and Harvest. Last week, we almost became real farmers and we joined up with Junior Infants to make our own scarecrows! Some of our mums came in to help us, and we got lots and lots of straw. We had to make a cross with the canes, tie them together, choose the clothes and stuff them with straw. There was lots of collecting, lots of team work – but most of all, lots of fun! We kept the scarecrows inside for the weekend because we didn’t want Storm Callum to ruin them, but you can see them outside the front of our school this week! It was a very exciting day playing in the straw and building and naming new characters in our school. We finished up by singing some songs for all the mums to say a BIG thank you for helping us! We hope you liked our performance of ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ and ‘Oats, beans and barley grow!’

September colours day!

Last Friday we had colours day in school. We were able to wear our own clothes, including a t-shirt that is the colour of the house we are in.

After little break, the whole school brought their chairs out to the yard. We sat around the football pitch edges, like a stadium, in our house teams. Everyone in the whole school got to take part in an activity to compete as part of their house team to earn points. In each activity the winning house got to Take on the Teachers as their prize too!

Junior and Senior Infants represented their houses by participating in a tricky relay race. They had to run up to their cone, take a piece of the jigsaw and bring it back to their tray before they tagged the next person to go. Once they had collected all of the pieces, it was a race to see which team would make the jigsaw of the Ugly Duckling first. 

It was super close, but the green house came out on top and they got to take on the teachers in a head-to-head relay race. Miss Morton, Miss Plunkett, Mrs Hickey, Miss Kingston and the other Miss Kingston, Miss Faulkner, Mrs O'Kane and Mrs Cawley were not much faster at running, but they were super speedy at jigsaws! They won the teacher challenge.

When all of the activities were over, we got to bring our lunches outside and have a picnic in any part of the yard we wanted with somebody from our house in any class. 

What a fun day!

Welcome Back!

A very warm welcome back to all Senior Infant children, parents and families. We have made a brilliant start to the year in Senior Infants with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I have spent the last couple of weeks getting to know the new personalities that have come through my door this year, and I am incredibly excited for what the 2018-2019 school year promises to bring –thanks to this lovely bunch!

Having grasped hold of the new routines, names, resources, equipment, toys, books, games and whatnot, we decided it was really time to make use out of our new school playground! A very exciting addition to the life of the children in KCOINS, we have spent many sessions learning how to play and cross various different obstacles and having picnics and stories outside while the sun is still shining.

I hope to update the website quite regularly, so you can keep up with the shenanigans of Senior Infants. There will be lots of exciting things to keep an eye out for through the year – watch this space! Here’s to a fantastic school year!

Miss Plunkettsmiley