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Senior Infants

Marine Dress -Up Day, we had mermaids, pirates and lots of blue/green outfits.

Fun with our buddies from 5th class, we made tie-dye t-shirts AND they brought us ice cream - we're spoiled!

Visit from the ambulance - we learned so much!

Sports Day - we had so much fun! And the weather couldn't have been nicer....

Active Week - Colour Run

Active Week - Fun at the Fair

School trip to Tinahely Farm - what an amazing day we had!

Chromebook Day! 

Senior Infants got to go on our school set of Chromebooks today. Let's be honest and say we weren't really sure how it would go, but these kids were amazing! They waited patiently as we worked through each step, making sure that we were all headed in the right direction. We logged into our Seesaw accounts and did some activities on there before heading over to Topmarks to play some Maths games. 

Some of the overheard comments: 

"This is the best day ever!"

"I can't believe we're getting to play video games in school!" 

We'll definitely use these amazing machines again....

Rocket and Moon Rock Day

What a day we had in Senior Infants today! Mrs Brislane wanted to make sure that we would have enough time to finish our group rockets, so we started first thing this morning. We split into small groups and made one rocket per group. We started off with all the materials and supplies in the middle of the room, then we took turns coming up and choosing some to take back to our group. We planned, designed, discussed, collaborated and co-operated all morning until we had finished. Our classroom looked like a bomb had gone off! So we spent a good deal of time sorting the rubbish and sweeping the floor. We learned a very important lesson today - styrofoam is VERY difficult to tidy up!

Then we all got to share with the class some information about our rockets. 


During the week we made moon rocks out of salt dough and today we got to paint them. Watch this space for what we are going to do with them next week!! 

Rocket and Moon Rock Day!

Outer Space! 

We've spent the week learning all about Outer Space. We've learned about day and night, the sun, moon and stars, astronauts, rockets, space centres and the International Space Station. 

We have spent the week preparing our very own Space Centre for Aistear play next week. We've been using loose parts to create machines, gadgets and buttons for our control room. We designed our own space centres and then created them with blocks. We are so excited about this topic and we even listened to a story that was read by an astronaut on the International Space Station! 

The Post Office

Our Aistear theme for December was 'The Post Office' and we learned all about what happens to a letter when it goes in the letter box. We designed our own Christmas cards for our families and Mrs Brislane brought us to the post box in Kilternan to post them. Our parents knew about the walk, because we had to have permission, but the Christmas cards were a big surprise! Our families were SO surprised when the cards arrived in the post the next day. 

Christmas is coming to Kilternan!

What an exciting day we had in Senior Infants today! Firstly, we spotted some very special footprints in the hallway and then Mrs Darlington brought us a very special delivery that had arrived in her office. It was a big red sack and a letter which came from Santa Claus himself! Inside the bag we found a huge pile of books, all wrapped up, and Santa's instructions are that we should open up and read a book every day until Christmas. He also said that we should look out for his special messengers, the robins, who will be keeping an eye on us and bringing messages back to the North Pole. When we looked carefully, we found 2 of them inside our classroom! Oh the magic of Christmas! 

Pizza!! This month our Aistear theme was Cafe/Restaurant. We watched a video of a group of children making pizza so Mrs Brislane thought it would be fun to make our own pizza. How much fun did we have on Friday? 


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