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Senior Infants Archive: 2017-2018

Senior Infants are taking part in the Incredible Edibles project this year, by AgriAware. We began last week, when the wonderful Katie Holland came in and helped us to plant our vegetables and herbs - spinach, turnip, carrots, chives and lettuce. 


We learnt everything about what a plant needs to grow and we now have extra classroom jobs to water them every day!


Katie cam back this week, to help us plant the strawberry plant and said that soon we will have to go out and weed the school flower bed because we have been looking after our vegetables and herbs so well they are growing so quickly! It will be exciting when they are big enough to grow outside. 


Katie brought some extra visitors into school with her today though - some tadpoles! We had an impromptu lesson all about the life cycle of a frog and we helped Katie bring the tadpoles out to the school garden and release them there. Watch out for some frogs around the school in a few weeks - we are hoping they don't bounce back into our classroom and eat our lunches!!! 


Huge thanks to Katie for all the work and time she is spending on Incredible Edible with Senior Infants - lots of learning to come about Irish produced food and healthy eating linked in with the project over the next few weeks. 

Planting Sunflowers with Nana Joyce!

Grandparent's day started early in Senior Infants this week! Today, Miss Plunkett's Nana appeared with a bag full of tricks just after break time, and we were in for a huge treat!


Nana Joyce loves gardening and asked if we would like to do some gardening with her. Of course we said yes please, and began to learn about what we needed to do to plant some sun flower seeds!

Nana Joyce showed us first how to do it - then we got to plant our own ones.

We each got a small pot and a saucer. We had to put the compost in most of the way up the pot. It was important not to pat it down, even though we all wanted to, because the roots of the seed need room to grow. Then we chose our tiny sun flower seed and put it on the top. We had to push it down a little bit , but not too far that it disappeared and then shake some more compost over the top. 

We had to place the pots on our saucers, because other wise the water and the compost would spill out the holes on the bottom (which we played peek-a-boo through with Nana Joyce!!) all over the tables.

We each had a turn to water our seeds using the watering can too, before putting our names on the pots and placing them by the window to start growing!


Nana Joyce taught us that we only need a small, egg cup sized, amount of water to give to our sunflowers when we are feeding them. If we give them too much water, they will rot. She also told us that in 3 or 4 weeks we should start seeing them flowers begin to grow, and when they get too big for the pots, we can take them out and plant them in our gardens. As they grow taller, the heads of the sun flowers will get too heavy, and we will need to use a cane to put beside them in the ground and tie the flowers to the canes to help them grow and stand up.


If we look after our sun flowers properly, they can grow to be taller than us!


We are so excited to watch them grow over the next few weeks and see who's will be the tallest.


Thank you SO much Nana Joyce for visiting us today, teaching us all about sun flowers, and leaving us with some very yummy treats! We loved having you in school today.

Recently we have been doing gymnastics as part of our P.E. lessons in Senior Infants! We have practiced some old tricks as well as learnt some new ones and we are pretty amazing at them! 

We know how to......

log roll,

egg roll,

balance on lots of different parts of our bodies,

shoulder stand,

forwards tumble,

prepare backwards tumble,

travel in lots of ways like hopping, jumping, skipping etc.,

use apparatus,

bunny hop along the bench, 

pull ourselves along the bench, 

walk along the bench

and lots more!


We were good at putting sequences together and listening to others make up sequences for us. 


Gymnastics was lots of fun and we tried really hard to improve our balance, strength and technique over the last few weeks.



Pancake Tuesday!

Yum, yum!


Thank you so much to the PTA for feeding us with delicious pancakes a couple of weeks ago on pancake Tuesday. We go to choose our own toppings and have a treat not on a Friday - It was scrumptious! 

Meeting a real pilot!

This week another visitor came to tell us about their job! We were so lucky to have Charlie's dad, Mark, who is a real pilot for Aer Lingus show us lots of tricks and rules about working in the air!


We tried on his radio head set, looked at his flight simulator for when the pilots are training, he told us about the construction and layout of a plane using his model, we learnt about how the propellers work and asked Mark lots and lots of questions! He told us where he flies to, which kind of plane he flies and explained how the steering wheel works for pilots. We are very knowledgeable now - we know how to land a plane if ever we are needed and are not afraid of turbulence anymore, because we know it is just the wind outside the plane.


It was amazing talking to Charlie's dad and seeing all his professional licences, ID badges and all the props he brought in. Thank you so much Mark for visiting and teaching us :-) 

Nurse Karen comes to visit!

On Monday we had a special visitor in our classroom. Nurse Karen from Tallaght hospital arrived and showed us lots of jobs that a nurse has to do everyday. She checked our blood pressure and taught us what sound the machine makes, she looked at our tongues and our tonsils, she shone a light in our eyes and our ears, she put a mask on to help us breathe with extra oxygen and she listened to our hearts with her stethoscope. Nurse Karen even let us try out some of the nurses jobs on each other using all the professional equipment.


Just before Nurse Karen had to leave, she told us a story about how Miss Plunkett had hurt her arm, and she needed some help. We became the ambulance drivers, the receptionists, the nurses, doctors and x-ray machinists to make sure Miss Plunkett was OK and to help her. It turns out she had a broken arm and we had to put a plaster cast on her!!


We were able to show Nurse Karen our hospital role play area and she even stayed at playtime to play in the hospital with us a little. It was such an amazing morning, and we are much better nurses and doctors now that we have learnt so much about the hundreds of jobs they do in the hospital - it is also not as scary as some of us thought before!


Thank you Nurse Karen, for coming to visit and teach us! 

For the month of January, our theme has been space. We have been doing lots of learning about space and we have made lots of different things. Miss Plunkett has put lots of our work on the walls for you to see when you come to visit us!


Have a look at and hover over out photos (for captions and explanations) to see what we have been up to as well as watching this video of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon for the first time! We liked when he said 'The eagle has landed!' and put his flag in. 

Writing our first stories - Dippy got sick!

This week was a special week in Senior Infants. We turned into authors as we wrote our first ever stories! And, oh my goodness, we were amazing! Our stories about Dippy being sick and going to the vets are up on the wall for you all to read right outside our classroom door. Some are funny, some are sad, some are happy, but ALL of them are BRILLIANT!!! Miss Plunkett is SO proud of our writing, we nearly blew her off her chair in amazement.


Some of us wanted to read our stories out to the class. Some of the stories were a bit too long to upload to the website, but some of them were short enough, so we thought you might like to hear them! 


We hope you enjoy our stories.


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Visitors in Senior Infants!


Before Christmas Miss Plunkett told Senior Infants that she had gotten two new kittens. Senior Infants were wonderful and helped Miss Plunkett choose the names for them. Today, Poppy, Pixie and Miss Plunkett's mummy - Rachel - came to visit us in school! The kittens were so soft and furry. We got to hold them and pet them, and they ran around the classroom. We found out lots about the kittens too by asking Rachel some questions! Thank you so much for bringing in Poppy and Pixie. We had a great time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Senior Infants!

Christmas Theatre Trip

On December 15th, we took a trip with Junior Infants, Miss Morton and Mrs MacMahon all the way to The Helix theatre. We went to see the pantomime Rudolph saves Christmas and we had a wonderful time. There were some pesky elves who played a nasty trick on Santa and gave him a present of a fog machine. When he opened it, he couldn't see where he was going and all the children weren't going to get any presents. Rudolph used his bright red nose to save the day and show Santa which way to go. We sang all the songs with 'Ta-dah' the fairy. What made it a doubly exciting day, was that before we left that morning Eddie the Elf had been up to his tricks again and hidden lots of sweets around our classroom. We found all of them before we left and brought them with us for a treat on our trip!


We had two birthday people in Senior Infants this day too - who wore their party hats the whole day long. It sure got us really excited for Christmas - yippee!

Aistear highlights - the last 2months :)

Aistear (play time) has been magical over the last number of weeks! We have made magic words appear by writing our (not-so) tricky words in glue and dipping the page into our sand pit. We made our own houses with shoeboxes and junk art when learning all about the home and played small world with our houses and our friends houses. When learning about our senses we guessed what the ingredients were and then became scientists and created our own perfumes - what lovely presents I am sure you got at home..some of the scientists opted to put cat food in their bottles sad!! Then we decorated our very own life size gingerbread house and role-played Santa's grotto and the elf's workshop, which was very busy just before Christmas. 

Our creative juices are bubbling these days!

A trickster has been invading the Senior Infant classroom lately! Mr magic e was up to no good! He is a silent letter that sticks himself onto the end of some words and changes them. He makes the previous vowel say it's name instead of it's sound! We went hunting with our magic e wands to see if we could read and change words, and we also played some games to see what Mr magic e had been up to. We had to get 4 in a row. smiley


Here is a song we have been listening to while learning about magic e - copy and paste to watch!




Gaeilge - ag siopadoireacht!

Still image for this video
Harry and Amber are showing us how they ask for something when they go to the shops using their amazing Gaeilge! Well done Harry and Amber :)

Trip to Imaginosity


As part of Science week, November 13-17th, Senior Infants took a trip with Junior Infants to Imaginosity. Mrs O'Kane, Mary, Andrea and Miss Morton came along to look after us. We took a big bus first thing in the morning and went straight to play on level 1. We were doctors and nurses, we went shopping, worked in the post office, had something to eat in the restaurant and became mechanics too!

After that, we had two scientists give us a workshop. They taught us all about our bodies and what happens to our food in the different parts of our body after we eat it - some of it was disgusting! We then went into a special room and made fingers out of straws, beads and wool.

Before we went home we played on level 2. Here, we were on the news, the stage, became stage managers, built houses, sat in the giant chairs and were allowed to go on the big climber!

It was such a brilliant day.

Have a look at some of our photos below of what we got up to!

Maths in Senior Infants


For the last few weeks, we have been learning about the number 6 in Senior Infants. We do our maths lessons in stations and Mrs O' Kane always comes in to help us. We can draw the number six, say poems about it, partition it, add it, make it and much, much more because we are so clever! This week we have also started using number lines. It's a bit tricky, but we are doing lots of practicing!

Learning to cross the road safely in Senior Infants! Especially important as we need to use Glebe Road to get to and from school everyday.

Halloween Dress up day and Parade

Information Meetings