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Sixth Class

Strange Times Indeed


Little did we know, back on 12th March when we packed up all our bags and headed off for what we thought was 2 weeks of learning from home, that we would never set foot inside our classroom again. It has been a strange, unusual time for everyone, but I am so incredibly proud of 6th class for how they have engaged with distance learning. We've done projects, listened to novels, cooked meals, headed to London for a virtual field trip..... all sorts of different kinds of learning. 

Only a few weeks of primary school to go, and the next weeks will be spend preparing you all, as best I can, for your transition to secondary school. 

Take care, 

Mrs Brislane

Fun in the snow with our buddies!

What an amazing week we've had! We've spent the week learning from each other about all sorts of aspects of World War 2. The projects ranged from Anne Frank, concentration camps, specific battles and generals, to Nazi doctors, interviews with elderly relatives, recounts of visits to important WW2 sites and ration cake! I am so incredibly proud of this group of students, they have taught me so much this week, not only about aspects of the war but about themselves as historians, artists, writers and presenters. I'm delighted so many of you were able to swing by on Monday to see the projects and I only wish you could all have been here to see the presentations. You should all be very proud of your kids!

World War 2 Projects

Christmas Time in 6th Class


December is always a lovely time of singing and excitement. This year we got to sit with our buddies in Junior Infants for our annual Christmas Sing-Along in the hall. We sang all the old favourites like Away in a Manger and Rudolph. Our Sing-Along just wouldn't be the same without our rendition of 'The 12 Days of Christmas'!


We also got the opportunity to sing Carols for our neighbours up the road in Glebe House Nursing Home. The residents always really appreciate us singing for them and they love joining in. We all had a chance to chat to them once the singing was over. 


Mrs Brislane was very proud of 6th class on the day of our dress rehearsal for our Carol Services. At the last minute we realised that we would not be able to use the church as it had been flooded. 6th class rallied together and managed to put together our stage so that the little ones could have their service in the school hall. They also helped us to set up the Parish Centre so that the older classes could have their services there.

Such a fantastic group of willing, enthusiastic helpers!!


Our Catapults

Meeting our Buddies

Our first half term in 6th class - September and October 2019


It's been such a busy couple of months since we came back to school at the end of August. We had our 6-week block of swimming lessons in Meadowbrook Pool which was great fun, hard to believe that's it for us for swimming lessons in KCOINS! 

The thing everyone was most looking forward to about 6th class was meeting their Junior Infant buddies for the first time. We did this in September and all the buddies were thrilled to meet each other. We have done lots of fun things together and look forward to getting to know each other.

In October, a group of 10 of us went to Christ Church Cathedral with Mrs. Brislane to represent the school at the Diocesan service for Primary Schools. 


Some of what we've been learning this term: 

SESE - we've been learning about friction and levers in Science and we all made catapults. We've learned a lot about famine in both History and Geography; in History we focused on The Great Famine in Ireland in the 1800s and in Geography we looked at current famine in West Africa. 

We've been reading the novel 'Under the Hawthorn Tree' by Marita Conlon-McKenna and just before Halloween, Mrs Brislane started reading the novel 'Underworld' to us. 

Art -  We designed Maori tattoos, designed 3D portraits inspired by Picasso - this is Mrs Brislane's favourite art project, as she gets to look at the gorgeous art from the top of her classroom every day!  We did some chalk pastel drawings (inspired by Munch's 'The Scream') Our latest art project was 'Drawing with Scissors' inspired by the work of Henri Matisse who, when he became too ill to paint, used paper cut-outs to create art.

Music - We've been preparing for the Peace Proms in the RDS next February and are really enjoying the up-beat songs we're practising.