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Third Class

What a fabulous day we have had!  BIG THANKS to Miss Morton and Miss Plummer for organising it all.

The day started with many of the school walking instead of coming in the car and most of the school wore green!
We had a Green Schools assembly where we learned more about looking after our world and sang a song all about keeping our planet blue and green.
We began to design posters based on our Green Schools slogan.  Derek Darlington came in and talked to us about his travels and showed us amazing photographs from around the world which got us very excited, asking lots of questions. 
We borrowed lots of laptops and had a go at working out our carbon footprint using an online calculator and hopefully we will now think of ways to reduce it.  We also oplayed an energy game.
After lunch we joined 4th class for a Green Schools table quiz.

It has been a really fun day but we have learned lots too.

Photos will be up on our gallery soon.

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about birds and Tom Crean.  Now we will be finding out about India.

Please check your pencil cases.  Do you own a ruler, rubber, pencil, red pen?  Try to remember to bring them to class everyday so you don't have to keep borrowing.

***Please collect polystyrene pizza bases for art and bring them in.  Don't forget to wipe them clean first!
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