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What else is going on?

What else is going on in Active School’s Week?



Junior Infants will be……….. doing Maths trails,  ag imirt cluichí as gaeilge, practicing for Sports Day, Aistear, doing SESE trails, obstacle courses.


Senior Infants will be …….. doing Maths trails, ag imirt cluichí as gaeilge, practicing for Sports Day, Outdoor Playtime, gardening, obstacle courses.


First Class will be …………….. playing games from the past in history, learning a dance in music, going swimming, ag imirt cluichí as Gaeilge, going on a Maths trail, practising for Sports Day, following instructions for movement activities in English and learning about sports from around the world in Geography.


Second Class will be ……….. doing a history trail around the school and church, practising for Sports Day, perfecting their Irish and Fold Dancing and learning about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.


Third Class will be ……….. doing active homework, learning two dances that can be done it the classroom, teaching each other new games in groups, practising for Sports Day, carrying out an experiment on the effects that exercise has on the body in Science, learning how to take our pules and drawing sketches of active poses in Art.  


Fourth Class will be ………… learning a dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ (taught by the girls who do dance lessons in the class), teaching and playing some games with first class, practising for Sports Day, practising skipping and playing skipping games (including participation in a ‘skip off’).


Fifth Class will be ……….. ag imirt cluichí as Gaeilge, practising for Sports Day, orienteering in P.E.,  engaging in active Science experiments and playing a variety of active Maths games.


Sixth Class will be ……….. doing a selection of ‘Just Dance’ videos, playing cluichí as Gaeilge, doing station teaching in P.E. with Junior Infants, prastising for Sports Days, doing The Haka, doing a Maths trail and doing relays in English.