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Active Schools

The Active School Awards have been in existence for some time and we have had several successful weeks over the last few years. During this week we aim to celebrate physical education, physical activity and sport provision within our school and the wider community. We have submitted an application for an active school’s flag and are awaiting a visit from Active Schools, Ireland.


Active School’s week is just one part of a process schools can be part of if they wish to be considered for the awarding of an Active School Flag. This flag is awarded for the promotion of PE, sport and activity within the school in a similar fashion that the Green Flag is awarded for environmental promotion.


The Active School Flag invites all schools to implement a review process. This process involves creating an action plan to further the provision of PE, physical activity and sport in schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Active Schools Committee which comprises of Mrs. Grainne Darlington, Mrs. Gretchen Dawson and Ms. Ruth Thorpe, Ms. Helen Kingston and Ms. Arlene Carter. I would also like to thank the current student council, who double up as the children’s representatives on our active school’s committee. Finally, we would like to thank the rest of the school staff, parents and the wider community for their contribution and support in the setting up and promotion Active Schools Week.


It is our hope to build on what happens this year, to apply for our flag and to continue our promotion of activity across all curricular areas.