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Pond maintenance crew

Pond maintenance crew 1
We are currently working on our 6th Green Flag: Global Citizenship_Litter and Waste. We recently had a lovely assembly where we celebrated all the countries we have links with and learned something new about lots of places. We are all global citizens in Kilternan.

The parade

The parade 1
The parade 2

Sixth Class Made Hedgehog Habitats

Sixth Class Made Hedgehog Habitats 1
Sixth Class Made Hedgehog Habitats 2
Sixth Class Made Hedgehog Habitats 3
Sixth Class Made Hedgehog Habitats 4
Sixth Class Made Hedgehog Habitats 5


Embrace biodiversity

This simple bug hotel is the perfect habitat for butterflies, bees, ladybirds and any other small inhabitants of your garden.

You will need:

Small plastic bottle, scissors, string, twigs, small blade

1) Cut top and bottom off a plastic bottle so you have a tube shape

2) Put the twigs and sticks into your bottle, make sure you pack the s they don’t fall out

3) Tie some string around the bottle so you can hang it up on a tree or a fence

4) You could try putting other things into the bottle, like rolled up cardboard, leaves, pine cones, and see if you get different beasties visiting your bug hotel


Previous Years' Green School Work and Pictures
The Green School Committee have been very busy  this year working on our Bio-Diversity Flag. First of all, we would like to remind everyone to keep up the good work in remembering our old flags and making sure we still work hard to keep them going. Turn off the lights, turn all computers off, keep your bins organised and no drippy taps! Remember we should try to use environmentally friendly modes of transport! Car pooling, walking, scooting, cycling are great ways to get to school! Remember, in the summer term we will be looking for volunteers to help us with our Walk on Wednedsays!

We have been so lucky to have had the opportunity this year to have the planetarium into our school. We all were learning about our atmosphere and how to protect our planet earth before he came in. It was so exciting to go inside the giant tent and watch the universe come to life! A great day was had by all!

A huge thanks to "The Bee Man" for coming in and talking to all the classes in our school. He brought wonderful props and taught us so much about pollination and the importance of bees. We all had a great day and learned so much.

We have had some wonderful entries for this year's Spring Photo competition. The judging will take place this week. Many thanks for all of you who entered. 

Dean Eaton will come into our school on the 24th March at 11.00 for our Green School review! Wish us luck!

We will be looking for volunteers for our gardening committee very soon! Keep your ears and eyes peeled!

Keep it Green, 

Your Green Team
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