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Special Educational Needs

Special Education Provision in Kilternan


The aim of Special Needs Education provision within the school is to address any difficulties experienced by individual children in accessing the curriculum. Learning Support time is granted by the Department of Education and skills on the basis of 0.2 of a teacher per class teacher. Resource teaching hours are granted by the department based on the diagnosis of Low Incidence Special Educational Needs. We have an early intervention policy resulting in a lot of our hours being used to support children in the junior end of the school.


Two separate organisations support us in assessment and allocation of places :The National Psychological Service (NEPS) and the Special Educational Needs Officer (SENO). 
The NEPS psychologist advises by phone and will visit the school at least twice yearly. She can conduct Educational Psychological Assessments. The SENO will visit to assess children's need for an SNA (Special Needs Assistant) At present we have four special needs assistants, Sandra Banks, Fiona Kelly, Gaye O'Brien and Sheelagh Parker. 


Strong links are fostered between the SEN team and class teachers, with whom we liaise weekly. Support is delivered in several ways: team teaching, in-class support, withdrawal of small groups/ individuals. Work is differentiated to cater for the individual needs of pupils.
At present we have three full time Resource/Learning Support teachers, Mrs. Arlene Brislane, Ms. Louise MacMahon and Miss Tanya Cave.