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Well Being Archive: 2022 - 2023

Wellbeing in school settings is something which has become a much talked about topic in recent times, however K.C.O.I.N.S. has always prided itself in prioritising the holistic development of each child and realised the importance of promoting positive learning environments where pupil wellbeing was at the forefront and embedded in our teaching methodologies. Leigh Morton, Alex Butler, Katie Nolan, Amanda Ruddock and Ruth Thorpe lead our school in wellbeing promotion and hold the belief that children should be happy, regulated, and secure in their school environment, enabling them to reach their full potential. As a team, they are currently assessing our school's needs regarding wellbeing, as part of the Department of Education's School Self Evaluation Process. The children in Kilternan are encouraged to engage meaningfully with their lived world in the school, and offered opportunities to develop autonomous decision-making skills. We look forward to progressing further as a school and realise the importance of parental input, recognising that pupil input is a systemic process.