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Mission Statement

We aim to enable each child to develop his/her full potential using a child-centred, holistic approach. The emerging youth will be encouraged to become confident, responsible, tolerant, life-long learners and self-motivated.
Kilternan Church of Ireland National School is a co-educational, primary school, under Church of Ireland management, with the Archbishop of Dublin as Patron. As such, the school values and respects all children, regardless of social background, religious denomination, gender, educational achievement or physical characteristics. Its adult population be they staff, parents or visitors are met with similar inclusivity and equality, meeting the nine grounds as listed in the Equal Status Act of 2000 namely gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, being a member of the Traveller Community.
 It is a community comprising pupils, parents, staff and Board of Management where Christian values, such as honesty, justice, respect and care responsibilities are nurtured. Participation in all aspects of school life is encouraged, including attendance at Kilternan Parish Church on special occasions.
 The school’s Board of Management adheres to the Department of Education and Science Guidelines and the Department’s revised curriculum is followed. The work of the school is conducted in an atmosphere of understanding and respect for religious differences and family circumstances.
Just as the Primary School Curriculm celebrates the uniqueness of the child, so too does Kilternan Church of Ireland National School. Our school ethos and mission statement forms the back bone of any decision made in the school and directs us in our planning and in the day-to-day running of the school.