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Meet the Staff

It is the staff, in addition to the children and the parents, who make our school the place it is.

Administrative Principal:              Gráinne Darlington

Teaching Staff:                 Leigh Morton                  Junior Infants

                                          Chantelle Plunkett          Senior Infants

                                          Arlene Hickey                    First Class

                                          Melanie Huston                  Second Class

                                          Helen Kingston                   Third Class

                                          Ethan Byrne                   Fourth Class
Katie Cawley                Fifth Class

Arlene Brislane                Sixth Class

Keziah Hill                     Learning Support/Resource

                                          Tanya Riordan               Learning Support/Resource

                                          Louise MacMahon          Learning Support/Resource


                                          Jenny Faulkner              Learning Support/Resource


                                          Naomi O'Kane                 Learning Support/Resource



School Secretary:              Lorraine Lambert

Special Needs Assistants: Sandra Banks
                                          Fiona Kelly
                                          Sheelagh Parker
                                          Gaye O'Brien
                                          Mary Bradley

                                          Helen Fisher

                                          Suzanne Butler