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Each policy has been drawn up by school staff and then brought to the school's Board of Management for ratification. Once ratified, the policy is signed and dated by the Chairperson and Principal. Signed copies of each policy are available from the Principal on request. In order to access links within policies, place cursor over link, press CTRL and click.


The date beside each policy marks the year the policy was written. Most policies are reviewed every five years, unless legislation or practice dictates otherwise. Some school policies are reviewed on an annual basis.

Acceptable Use Policy 2017 (Pupil Based)

Acceptable Use Policy 2021 (Staff Based)


Parents/Guardians please note that admission forms for our mainstream and ASD class  for the school year 2023/24 will be accepted from October 3rd  - 28th (2:10pm). Applications will not be accepted outside this time period. Offers of places will be posted on Wednesday, November 16th and confirmation of acceptance must be made by Friday, December 2nd at 2:10pm.

Admissions Policy

Admissions Notice for 2023/24 school year

Adult Anti-Bullying to include Sexual Harassment June 2021

Anti Bullying Guidelines June 2022

Assessment Policy 2018

Attendance Policy 2022

Career Break Policy 2020

Code of Behaviour June 2021

Communication Policy to include Complaints Procedure 2019

Critical Incident Policy 2021/22

Equal Opportunity and Gender Equity January 2022

Fire Drill and Evacuation Policy February 2020

Green School Policy May 2022

Health and Safety Statement February 2020

Homework Policy 2018

Induction of Newly Qualified Teaching Staff (2019)

Induction of Qualified Teaching Staff 2020

In School Management 2019

Management of SNAs 2021

Medical Policy February 2020

Parental Involvement 2021

Procedures and Practices 2021

School Accident and Injury Policy February 2020

Special Education Teaching (SET) Policy 2021

Staff Development 2016

Staff Supervision Policy 2021

Student Council Policy May 2022

Substance Misuse Policy 2017